Lauries Kitchen

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

 Man, it's been a while since I blogged......
It's crazy around here~~especially for Grace. She is trying to finish her Summer Reading for her AP courses and is currently at running camp. It's the cross country team at a lake house. They run about 3 times a day. If you get a chance say a prayer for her and Makenzie  because I 'm sure she and Makenzie are getting tired. They are the only two freshmen there. Then when they get back they have volleyball camp and 2 a days.....while cross country is still going on. It's going to be crazy! I am truly thankful she has a friend like Makienzie to go through it with. Both are Christian girls and lift each other up.

JoGail and I hvae been going ot VBS at night this week. She hurt my feelings when she came home and said that her favorite parts or the mission stories and Bible stories. Then I realized she has her priorities straight.....mine were a little querky! She has such a love for learning about the Bible. She is looking forward to Church camp next week. She loves going to Fish camp. She is helping me with some of the baking for snacks tomorrow-we're baking cookies to turn into pennant cookies.

Coy is busy finalizing the budget, personnel~~ everything he has to for the upcoming school year. I get spoiled in the summer being able to go visit him and give him little breaks. We took the girls to see Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh last weekend. They were both good movies. It was so fun listening to the girls giggle in Winnie the pooh. Of course Grace came home and dug out the book to reread Winnie the Pooh.

I got 'the letter' (actually it was acute poem this year) announcing my return to school date. I' mready to see everyone but not have the stress! Lots of loose ends to tie up from last spring, so we will hit hte ground running, so to speak!

The girls and I were able to go visit some kinfolk in Louisiana. We saw TAC, Joey, MawMaw, Toot, Dino, Baby Joy, Mr. Miller. We took TAC and Joey out to eat at he Mongolian Grill. That wsa interesting (first time we had been to one). Then we cruised the mall for awhile....Got to play and hold Baby Joy....such is a sweet baby. Of course we s[pent time with MawMaw and Toot. Maw Maw is doing pretty well. The thing that amazed me this trip was her attitude. Doesn't bother her that someone has to tell her to pretty much do everything. She just does it. Equally amazing is how much Toot and Dino do for her. Our family is VERY BLESSED to have Toot and Dino be willing and able to take on such a rsponsibility. Thank you!

This is JoGail, MawMaw and Grace......