Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Grace, you were the baby who drank the each bottle like it was the last one you might get.  You were the one who has been reading since the first day of your life when you proud daddy sat you in his lap and read the newspaper to you. Later, he and I would sit in the rocking chair in your bedroom and read to you. You have always loved books. You were the toddler who saw 'rectangles' instead of bricks. You were the one who would yank anything out of your hair your mama put in it. You were the one who remembers mama dressing in a matching outfit with JoGail (I think you are still mad at me about that). You were the one who took on the job of soccer goalie and never looked back-even when your mama was crinching during a shootout.
You are growing at church and in your faith. You have handled the changes well there. With David leaving and Bro. Paul stepping in, you haven't missed a beat. I am very proud of the young Christian lady you are becoming. I have enjoyed watching you go thru the crossover ministry.

This year you have started high school. You have hit it going full speed. Cross country wore you out alot but you stuck it out, even with bursitus in your knee. You have admitted that you enjoyed volleyball more than you ever thought you would--mainly because of your teammates and coach. Academically you are in all the PreAP classes you can take and are learning Spanish and about Ag. You still make me smile when we ask what you learned at school today. I have seen you get spitting mad becasue you didn't 'learn' something sometimes. You have always gone to school with the expectation that you woulld learn something that day.
Your personality is coming out. You aren't as shy and have participated in pep rallys-even rapping the Freshman Rap! You've competed in your first FFA competition as well.

I pray the you never forget how special you are--not only to me and daddy but to God as well. No matter how much Daddy and I love you, God loves you more! You are special talented and unique! Happy 15th birthday!