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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A new recipe!

I think my MSAN (Mandatory Sunday Afternoon Nap) went to a new level today! I fell asleep on the couch and fell into a deep coma. I think it helped my allergies, though so I am thankful! I don't remember the last time I slept that hard. We had a blessed day at church this morning. Then came home to lunch in the oven, which was a new recipe. I have no name for this recipe, so if you come up with one, please feel free to share it! Coy actually found this recipe a couple years ago in a magazine. I forgot out it and lost it. Then I ran across it the other day and decided to try it. Pretty inexpensive but good! I think next time I am adding three cans of soup, though. The taste was spot on. Pretty easy, too!

Cook 1 package extra wide egg noodles.
Stir in 2 (or3) can Campbell's Chunky Vegetable soup.
Heat in 350 oven til hot.

I didn't add any extra water, beef broth or anything and it was still good.

I'm off all this week. while Coy and  the girls get off Tuesday at lunch.  Tomorrow I get the pleasure of taking Coy's truck in to Lakeside Collision to get it repaired since I backed into it.....yeah, not a good day last Sunday. At least I have time to do it and have access to a great place to get it fixed. Then I have to finish grocery shopping and getting things ready for Grace's birthday. She wants cookies tomorrow night then brownies when her friends come over to play games on Wednesday. We'll probably go out to eat tomorrow night since both girls have a home game. It'll beJoGail's first game of the season. That will be fun to watch.

Grace went to a UIL meet on Saturday (thanks to Coach Brown for letting her miss a basketball game) and placed 6th in Ready Writing. I laughed at her, though, because she said she wasn't wearing her letter jacket (that has her patch on it from going to Regionals last year) because she wanted to sneak up on people and not let them know she was any good at it! She still hasn't quite figured out the 'game' in editorial writing, but I'm confident she will. She says she never places because the teachers who grade the papers don't like her view points....she says the topics are usually about school stuff and she tries to answer them like she thinks her daddy would....she said that Saturday she wrote something like, 'making TEA mad is never a good idea'. 

Since we were home yesterday, we got a lot of pesky chores like laundry, mowing, etc done. We are about ready to put Christmas decorations up this coming weekend. Always a fun time, I tell ya! Coy is meticulous out in the yard and it drives the rest of us crazy! I usually try to hide and JoGail gets yelled at the most! We will have a new addition this year, so be sure and drive by if you get the chance! Also, if anyone knows where I can buy more plastic figurines, that would be helpful. It's getting harder and harder to find them. Grace likes them because she says its different than what most people have out in their yard. That reminds that I need to get some extra light bulbs tomorrow! There's always one figurine that somehow has a lightbulb go out in between last Christmas season and this Christmas season!

I hope everyone has a thankful Thanksgiving!