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Monday, October 01, 2007

Well, well, well

Grace decided to wear a shirt over the shirt she had to not only do I pick her clothes tomorrow but she has to wear a bow in her hair!Look for pictures....she's madder than a hornet but hey it was her decision not tell me the truth....


Anonymous said...

Holy crap!! I soooo wouldnt want to be her!

I'd stop at Walmart and pick her up a G-I-R-L-Y outfit to wear. Pink, hearts, flowers. Maybe a skirt. DEFINATELY ruffled socks. Oh yeah, she's pay.

Or heres a though. Let Jogail pick her out an outfit! Necklace and all!

Deanna said...

Missy - you should be ashamed of yourself!! One day when we are old, Grace will be the one taking care of us and she will remember that you suggested that JG pick out her clothes!
Laurie, what exactly did Grace do??

Laurie said...

I asked them who had been eating my cashews....they both adamently swore not me.....then I found the can in Grace's room.......wasn't even looking for it.

Coy came home from lunch and discovered someone had eaten HIS potato chips.....not me appeared again....then she asked if she fessed up if he wouldn't pick her food for a week.....she fessed up

Mitchell County said...

Be sure you read your bio on this blogger ---talks about loving your beautiful girls. They are beautiful even when they tick us off, huh? Mark's been working really well at it. His new saying "oh come on"
Letting JG pick out clothes was a pretty mean idea.