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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Team Extreme

Here's some pictures from the the Team Extreme basketball game this evening. We lost 12-5 but they girls definately improved throughout the game. Our next game is next Sat. We played trinidad in this game. I got to use my new camera so I was excited. I still have some learning to do with it but sure enjoy it.
In the first picture she is getting into position. In the second one she is shooting a technical foul free throw. She missed the first bu tmade the second. And the last one is her throwing it in.
Now we are all focusing on getting ready for JoGail's 8th birthday party next Sat! WOOHOO!!We also have a soccer tournament in Eustace to go to and then Grace's game next Sat. night. And WE ALL have school in between!!!!!!


Deanna said...

It looks like Grace was enjoying herself!! Enjoy this time, it really is the fun part of the girls' life!! Yes, I am getting sentimental as I get closer to "empty nest"!!