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Saturday, January 19, 2008

What a week!

Things never seem to slow down around here! And I have to work this Sat! MISD is paying the diags to test the little GT kids. Should be fun! Coy and the girls have a birthday party at noon. Seems like everyone has a birthday in January! I'm still fighting the crud a little. Went back to the doctor Thursday and got some antibiotics and a good decongestant. JoGail is still receiving birthday presents.... I don't think it will ever end at this point. But hey-you're only 8 once! Last night we put fingernail polish on and stickers on her fingernails-she has aparty this afternoon afterall!!!!!!!!It's cold and really windy here. Coy and Grace went ot he soccer and basketball games last ight. They said they would go get cold at soccer then go to the gym to warm up. I know it's a calendar issue thing, but how fun can soccer really be in the dead of winter???????? (FYI_UIL soccer season runs concurrent with basketball) have to choose between the two as it is....I don't think that' sright either and will tell them so when they finally get around to asking me!!!!!!Coy's staying busy. He has really enjoyed getting to play around with his new laptop from the grant her helped write. I believe all the teachers have recevied theirs now. (Not bad turn around time in my opinion.) He had board meetin glast Tuesday night. Grace is getin gused to her braces. She is dreading the first tightening. Apparently some kids in her class have to her to be ready that it hurts.I told her they were wimpy and that we would take some advil before we left!


Deanna said...

YES the soccer game was cold, but I actually enjoyed it. Let me draw you a picture......I had 2 coats on, my cap, gloves, wrapped in a blanketand inside a sleeping bag. Of course I was not cold. I can say it was the most relaxing thing I have done in awhile. It was beautiful sitting out in the snow watching the kids play. It was also a first for me, and had you asked me if I would ever watch an outdoor soccer game in the snow, I would have said NO. But it was FUN!!! We did loose 0-4 but they are starting to play as a team and are improving everytime they play. I am very proud of Greg, he is stepping up to be a pretty good leader.
As far as the braces, Greg only complained once that it was painful and he complains about anything painful!! Tell Grace not to worry!!!
Oh yea, I LOVE my laptop, too!!