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Sunday, May 31, 2009

EHS Graduation 2009

Top picture is Mr. E.L. Kirk. The school board named the new gym after him. He has been employed by EISD for more than 46 years. Still going strong, too. The next picture is Coy calling out Senior scholarships. The next one is one I took of the seniors. The next one is the new podium made completely of wood and stain-no paint. It's cool! The last one is of Mrs. Beasley, Coy and Mr. Sowers. Coy graduated 95 seniors yesterday in the brand new E.L.Kirk Bulldog gym. The gym isn't completely finished but Coy met his goal of having graduation in it. He calculated more than 2100 people were there. That's alot for Eustace!

Grace is finished with school for this year since she is exempt from finals because of her TAKS scores. JoGail has three more days but 2 are early release. Tomorrow she gets to go skating for her grades, attendance, and good conduct. Grace spent the night with Carly Friday night then they went to Splash Kingdom. (waterpark) She came back looking like a lobster. They thought tanning lotion would provide some some block but give them a tan. I guess they didn't read the bottle! We went to Academy this afternoon and got heat gear from Under Armor for her summer workouts. I think she has also decided to add the cross country workouts this summer, also. That means she will be working out from 7 to 10. Coy is making some workout cards fro JoGail to do this summer, too. She wants to do those summer workouts so bad. She's just too young. We got her some workout clothes too. Had to have a heated discussion that even though she may have on a sports bra she STILL had to have a shirt on over it!!!!Betcha ten bucks she tries to go without a shirt at least once this summer!!!! Happenings this week: Tuesday Coy goes to the orthopedic specialist about his shoulder impingement. Friday he's off but he and JG have eye appointments. She's been squinting alot. I have just been waiting for school to be out. Since she sits front and center all year anyway (I don't think she ever gets off the front row for some mysterious reason), I knew she could see the board. She mainly squint looking in the distance. My cellutits is getting much better. Now I just have to tolerate the antibiotics for a little while longer. I was lucky I didn't have to go in the hospital for IV antibiotics for it. I have to work until June 17 but that includes my 3 comp days for net year. When I am done I am done!!!!Lots of reports left to write.
Gotta go get some supper together.


Anonymous said...

hey there - about time you posted!The gym looks good - Coy in a turtleneck, on the other hand, not so much! LOL