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Saturday, June 13, 2009

As most of you know, Mr. Kirk passed away last Tuesday night. He had been with Eustace ISD 46 consecutive years and never taught anywhere else. His funeral is this afternoon in the new gymnasium named after him. There is a picture of him on my last blog. He was a funny man. Just listening to Coy's stories about him crack me up. What's interesting is that his dad is 97 years old and still alive. He will be sorely missed for many days, months, and years to come.

My mom and dad are down from Glorieta NM for a quick visit. They have been a huge help with the girls while Coy and I do all the funeral stuff. I appreciate it.

Grace went to the doctor yesterday for her physical and new immunization shots. She got three and never flinched (probably because she was reading a reader's digest the whole time). She's 5'6" and weighs 137. She's in the 95th percentile for weight and 97th percentile for height. I measured JoGail for fun and she is 4'6".

Two more days of work! Yahoo!!!!!I am anxious to have more time to walk and just relax around the house. The two main projects for me this summer are to organize my recipes.....( I have a neato moquito notebook my sister Melissa made for me) and clean out the garage. (go through those tubs I have decided are from the devil himself......just makes you think you can keep more).

I have thought of something I didn't Know I wanted ....deviled egg trays. I have been reading on the Internet that every good respectable true southern lady has those. I have a plastic one but not a nice, FORMAL, one. Any thoughts about this?????I'm sure all our grandmothers had them...I don't remember mine having them but when I mentioned it to my mom and dad they remembered their moms having at least two a piece....

I am now on facebook and love it. You can search for me under the name Laurie Holcombe. I am also on twitter but haven't played around much with that one. You can also follow Coy on twitter.

Gotta go get a bath for the funeral.


Anonymous said...

I think you need one. Really you do. Maybe a milk grass one.