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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finally... a new recipe

Finally! I haven't forgotten about this blog.....just been really busy with back to school stuff! Everyone's back in school and trying to get back in a routine. We're back to the so mething every night of the week routine! Grace has been so busy we haven't gotten her hair is scheduled though! (Yeah it's driving her mother CRAZIER than crazy! ) We've been eating basic stuff....soup, sandwiches and (gasp) cereal. The girls are now into Honey Nut Cheerios.....adios Rice Krispies....Coy makes a concoction of about 3 cereals.....yeah....they are all healthy cereals, too! We 're going through about 2 gallons of milk a week at this point. Thank goodness I am back at work and can stop by store on my way home! So I had some chicken breasts in the fridge that I needed to cook. I decided to try honey lime chicken. Don't say ew just yet! I found alot of recipes for it on the internet. Like a ton. I didn't want all the soy sauce, etc. so I cut out some of, ok most of the stuff. I baked the whole pan hoping they would good to take in my lunch. Then I took out my deli thin bread and made a sandwich at lunch....I though I had died and gone to heaven. It was sooo good! It soo good I made another sandwich (on rye bread) for supper!

Honey Lime Chicken

1/4 c honey
3 Tablespoons Lime juice

Mix together.

1 package chicken breat

Poke holes in chicken with a fork.
Pour half honey/lime mixture.

Bake 350 25 minutes. Turn chicken and pour remaining mixture over chicken. Bake another 20 minutes or until center is no longer pink.

* Some recipes called for marinating it in the mixture for a couple hours but I didn't have time!