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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happpy Birthday, Daddy! Let's see if I can count some  ways I am thankful for you!

1. You love the Lord.
2. You take care of Mama.
3. You taught us that nothing is impossible....especially at midnight with a chain saw.
4. You taught us how to 'hold it' form Victoria Tx all the way to groesbeck, Tx.
5. You encouraged us to try new things, suchas restaurants we had never been in before.
6. You kept us laughing as kids and adults.
7. You accepted all our husbands, weird as they are.
8. You taught us kids its ok to be the person who hand sthe nail to the person hammering.
9. You taught us to keep in touch with our friends.
10. You encouraged us to read.....magazines and then later books.
11. You taught us how to make homemade pancakes with BAM !
12. You taught us there's always room in the budget for cookies at the store.
13. You love Mama.
14. You encouraged me to do things NOONE had ever done before. Even when it involved being around teenage boys!
15. You let me write. And provided many notebooks while I was growing up.
16. You give me the space I need to deal with things.
17. You sacrificed many unknown things for me to go to track meets, basketball games and othe rhigh shcool activities.
18. You took us swimming in a lake when we lived in Dawson.
19. You taught me how to properly mow a yard.
20. You helped me earn my own money.
21.  You went driving with me, in a cemetary, whikle I was learning to drive.
22. You bought me the brown bomb to drive.......although the way to Dry Creek one summer! (Withou ta cell phone, too)
23. You drove practically all night to come see me graduate from college.
24. You had your red bana on at my wedding....
25. You always love me, no matter what!!

I love you!!! May you have many many more!


♥ Kathy said...

awww this was so totally sweet ♥ Happy Birthday to your Daddy a little late :)