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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Baked Pasta and JoGail's brownies

I ran across this recipe on a blog the other day and decided to reamp it to make it easier. Well actually it started the other day when grace wanted me to get a pan of pasta from Pizza Hut. I looke dit up and the internet and it was cheap enough....then I went to the mutrition guide and nearly died! She did, too!!! So we stuck with hamburger helper that night and I decided to try a close recipe. Yeas this has fat in it from the cheese, but not near as much as the one I was going to buy! She and decided this might be something I make when Coy has board meeting. I like, too that I can get fiber rich pasta and the girls never know! JoGail like it for the cheese.....but we will actually eat the pasta mixed with the sauce. (She usually likes naked spahetti). Plus I had a coupon for a free jar of Ragu (thank you, Brookshire's)!!! I think you couls add eat some browned hamburger meat to give it more protein, too. So here what I did.

Makes a 13x9 pan!
Baked pasta

1 box rotini pasta (I used 14.5 oz box)
1 jar pasta sauce (26 oz)
mushrooms (I had fresh already sauted up so I used that, but canned would also work. Just drain them)
1 package shredded Italian cheese blend

Prepare pasta as directed on box. Drain pasta then mix with sauce and mushrooms. Add in about 1 cup cheese blend. Pour into sprayed 13x9 pan. Spread remaining pasta on top and bake till cheese melts! (about 10 mins)

Then I decide dto give the girls a new recipe for brownies.....not sure what to call them, but I took some recipes for rocky road brownies and smores brownies and kind mixed them up. I wasn't sure if Grace would like them but I KNEW JoGail would, so they are JoGail's brownies!

JoGail's brownies
1 package brownie mix, prepared as directed and baked. As soon as you take the brownies out of the oven spread 2 cups chocolate chips on them. They should start to melt. Spread 2 cups marshmallows on top. Broil until marshmallows begin to brown.

I hae a couple mroe recipes to try this weekend while Coy is out of pocket.....if they are good I'll post them!  One is  recipe my sister found for me to try!   :)