Lauries Kitchen

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Evening

It's Sunday evening and we are preparing for another busy week ! We are in the full swing of  high school volleyball and conccession stand working....truly making memories...The Lady Bulldogs won consolation at the tournament here in town. They only lost one game, so we still have a great record going! More volleyball and lots of cross country running this week. It still blows my mind my daughter has the energy to do all this....) Get up, run 3 miles or an hour, 3 hours of volleyball and then back that night for another 3 hours of volleyball. While I can't imagine it, I know she has been preparing for it for years....Never in my wildest dreams would I think Coy and I would have a daughter who absolutely loves volleyball and smiles her heart out when she spikes the ball down someone's throat....just shows that God has bigger plans than we could ever imagine!

JoGail has been a huge help, cleaning around the house, making goodie bags for the volleyball girls and cheering her sister on at the games. She and another younger sister have pompoms and stand in the corners like the high school cheerleaders do at basketball games.....yes, folks, our freshman volleyball team has their own cheerleaders! I cooked this afternoon so the kids will have good food to eat for lunch and I have stuff to take in my lunch. It's the last week before school start!!!! We will officially have a high schooler and 6th grader!!! :)  

My new meds are lining out. They started me on a thyroid medication and a new diabetes medication. SO far so good for both. One is a shot and I have been pretty good at giving myself so far. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. It's been wonderful feeling good. Really, it's something I don't take for granted.

I survived a full week back at work last week. Even worked the concession stand Sat. But boy I felt it this morning. I was wiped out. Yet we went to church and something spoke to. It was about asking God what he wants us to do when we have already pretty much made up our minds.....we should ask him to guide our minds to the right decision. That really made sense to me and is something I will incorporate. It really amazes me sometimes what you can learn from the Old Testament. You think it's just stories, etc. But there's so much in there that is so applicable to today.

I'm rambling today so bear with me....I have realized today (probably not the first time) how lucky I am to have wonderful friends here in Eustace. Yes, I left good friends-Cathy, Stacia, Lisa) in Evant when we moved over ten years ago, but I am realizing I also have friends here in Eustace.  No we don't live in Eutopia and we aren't perfect, but my goodness what a family type environment both Coy and I have at school. Both schools put family first and mean that. I have seen both schools demonstrate this. We take care of each other and love each other. I am so thankful for that.......