Lauries Kitchen

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ahhhhh!!!! Random thoughts....

Yes that's me screaming! We are so busy.....but I really wouldn't have it any other way! I think I fell into the bathtub awhile ago....the house is about as clean as it normally is and laundry is just piling up....But I have spent time with my girls and even got to watch Grace play volleyball....I was thinking today how 'proficient' I am getting at leaving work at 4:00 on the dot on Tuesdays and Fridays (ball game days)....there will be a couple I will miss....(just too far-I would have to take off half a day to get  there by 4:30!) Both girls are just blossoming at school. I feel so priveliged to have a school family like the one in Eustace for my husband and girls. I know they are the superintendent's kids, but still....I never have to worry abouy my girls--I had someone tell me tonight that she was Grace's 'mom' at school (Focus Family) and it just made me realize how special this district is..even the cafeteria workers watch out for my girls....(thinking about chocolate chip cookies here).....and it's not just for my girls...they do it for others as well...I truly feel blessed......

I even feel blessed in the concession stand--everyone always gets along, laughs and gets the food out. I think I enjoy working it becasue we do have so much fun! OK scrubbing the crockpots is not always fun, but we don't always come up and say," Can I have.....?" I always want to say I don't know, can you????  The booster club ladies are always doing stuff for the is really amazing....making goodie bags, painting paws, going to buy concession stand food, designing and ordering shirts......they do an awesome job. I am limited in time, but I don't mind helping when I can.

I feel blessed....very blessed!