Lauries Kitchen

Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day!

Wow! What a restful day this has been!!!  Got up, took Grace to workouts then got some stuff done around the house. Cooked a good do it yourself breakfast--breakfast burritos-- and got some more stuff done around the house. Ate some leftovers for lunch then made a good Monday night supper. Lately we haven't been home enough for me to do this, so it felt really good to do. We have had a good family day today....watching tv and movies....very relaxing. Here's my super supper menu.....

Cracker Barrel Grilled Chicken (From Mommy's Kitchen  scroll down)
Rachel 's San Antonio Squash Casserole 
Deviled eggs
Roasted red potatoes
Kool Aide (Lemonade) Pie (

I have never eaten at a Cracker Barrel ( I have been told this is a sin that I must correct) so I can't tell you if it really tasted like theirs! Coy and I loved the chicken. The girls, not so much....Strangely there's no leftover chicken...It would be easy and great for me to cook up and take in my lunch. I did switch out the lime juice for lemon juice (I thought I had some but I didn't)...oh the joys of aging!  The squash casserole hit the spot for an easy side dish full of flavor. I still didn't put cheese in it but put some on top of mine.

Well,  it's time to get everything ready for the rest of the week. I might get a chance to cook again on Thursday...we'll see! Tomorrow's a volleyball dual match (FYI they take forever, because it's basically a 3 team thing), then church, then a break then volleyball and football in Edgewood on Friday. Whew! I get tired just thinking about it all!