Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, September 17, 2011

aaahhhh fall!!!

I am so hoping I have more days of trying to do the couch to 5k with the same kind of weather I had yesterday! it was wonderful yesterday! It's been a little humid around these dry parched parts, but no rain yet. We are still watering the little itty bitty trees transplanted from my MawMaw and PawPaw's pond. I just realized that if only one of those trees makes it that we will have a tree from both of my sides of grandparents in the yard! I have a transplanted part of a fig tree (that was mailed all the way to New Mexico and then here) from Maw Maw Collin's yard (Thanks, TAC).  Those are about the only  trees in our yard (except two in the front) I'm hoping they make it.

Wow!!!  We had an awesome experience here in Eustace yesterday.....cross country varisty boys and girls won first place in their meet, all the volleyball teams won, and we won football!  Honestly, I am not surprised! We have an awesome group of kids who are devoted to what they do and coaches who love the kids.

Today has been a day of rest for most of us here. (Grace reffed some soccer games.) It has been wonderful laying around, lazily doing laundry and watching Texas football.  Yes, I still need to mop, but that can wait, besides, we really aren't sticking to the floors when we walk yet.

This week was Homecoming and my girls got all giddy when they got their mums from Melissa in the mail. She always does such a great job. They just got all giggly and excited this year....guess they are growing up and turning into young ladies! I'll try to upload some pictures tonight.....I am resigned to the loveseat with my ankle on ice...hoping I can get some swelling down. Ok, I was leaving the ball game last night and had an armful....I made it to the end of the aisle and a kid (i have no idea who) was running up the bleachers and hit my shoulder and i fell down. I think my ankle is just a little sprained...we're icing it today...hopefully it won't be as sore tomorrow....we'll see though! But for tonight it's me and bag of peas on the love seat!

I refuse to stop doing the couch to 5k because of this. I have done it for two week sand KNOW that the first time I have an excuse and don't do it will make it tens times harder to do.....

Speaking of couch to 5k....anyone know of a local 5k I can plan on doing? I know there's some in Dallas but I prefer a smaller, not in Dallas one.....

I am cravin gpumpkin mnuffins and pumpkin crunch......just can't bring myself to make it yet...I am also craving one of Mrs. Adams fresh apple cakes....she made the best when we were in Evant. They were so moist !!!!  I'm so happy fall is here.....hope the rain comes and temperatures stay out of the 100s!!