Lauries Kitchen

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm feeling funny....

I thought it would be fun to answer some questions  from another blog post....hope you get to know me a little's a finish the sentence thingy.

1. I hate....when I am hungry and can't figure out what it is I want! I'm a good cook but there are still lots of nights I want to eat something but can't figure out what it is I want! That's when the family gets cereal or sandwiches! (Can you tell I'm hungry and can't figure out what I want???) Homemade potato salad by my mom would always hit the spot, though!

2. I have never been to....New York City. I don't have much desire to go, either. from what I hear there's way too many people and everything is expensive. I prefer my quiet nights at home on the netbook thank you very much.

3. The hobby I love the most is......well, right now I do not have  hobby unless it's called chasing the girls from sport to sport. I do enjoy watching my girls enjoy sports. I tend to be a little loud (Grace says she never hears me, but really, how could she not???) but I get over it. I used to paint t shirts but haven't done that in about 16 years!

4. My favorite store to shop at is....umm I don't have an answer for this one. I am really not much of a shopper. I might be transformed if I had an unlimited supply of money, but....I don't so life goes on and stores make money from everyone else but me. I do prefer Target over wal-mart and HEB is probably my favorite grocery store chain that I have been to.

5. I clean my house.....when I deem it dirty enough and not a minute sooner. I figure if Coy can stand it so can I.....

6. I always wanted to marry.... a coach and someone who had the qualities on my checklist....Coy's first day as a principal was the week after we got married.....sigh.....and the only characteristic on my list he didn't meet was that he had a mustache. I gave in on that one!

7. I see God's blessings.....when I look at my kids. They are true miracles and joys to me.

8. The last thing my husband did for me was......encourage and go with me to workout this afternoon. Really didn't feel like it, but we went and it helped with him there (I'm not as apt to cheat when he's there....)

9. If I had twins I would name them...........oh I don't even want to go there! But when we used fertility drugs Coy wanted twins, before he found there was only one.....He wanted to name them Kimberly Rebecca and Rebecca Kimberly.....true story.....I'd never get their names right if that had happened!

10. My week.....has been long. Actually the past two have been. Back to work and 2 back to back volleyball tournaments, with a school board meeting and lots of church meetings splattered in between. I'm ready to slow down, cook some good meals and stay in the slow lane awhile!