Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball and more soccer!

Things are in ful swing around here. This morning we had soccer, x country and soccer again this afternoon. Luckily the late soccer game was cancelled because of the rain. Nice to just sit on the couch and watch recorderd programs! Next Sat is not as busy-JG soccer @ 10:30, Grace soccer @ 3:00. Plus a concession stand duty thrown in. September 26 would be a great time for those wanting to see Volleyball. That's the weekend of the Eustace tournament. No soccer game for JG that weekend.

I got some good cross ountry pictures this morning and you can see them at facebook. There are volleyball pictures there also.

Not many of Grace since a coach went back and forth in front of me while she was finishing her race, :( but their are some good shots. Grace cut her time by 2 mins so that was a great improvement. She's still learnign to runa dn put it all together. In volleyball she is improving daily. She can serve overhanded but just isn't confident enough yet to do it in a game. We're working on that!

Jogail is happy to be in teh 4th grade. Her soccer team won this morning 9-0. What a great way to start the season! Coy said she played really well this morning also! Guess it's amazing how she can play when she can see the ball coming now!