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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Catching up

Well, I had a steroid shot this afternoon at the doctor, so I am full of energy tonight! I have been toying with the idea of trying to update this more frequently. I know ther are some out there that have requested that......a little update on everyone.

JoGail and Coy had their first baskteball practice tonight. Coy said this team will be fun to coach..There are several girls on it from his soccer team plus some new ones. He said the worked on layups without a ball this evening for awhile! JoGail has managed to make all A's so far this year in fourth grade! Tomorrow she has the academic competition. I believe she is participaing in oral reading and dictionary skills. She loves to cook and read recipes (gee, wonder who she got that from???) She loves to make orea balls for her and Coy to eat. She's still as cute as ever! Blond hair, blue eyes and glasses. Cute as a bug in a rug!

Grace is in 7th grade and is officially a teenager. Last weekend her team placed THIRD at the state soccer competition! We were so prpud of her. She even scored!!!! That's rare since she played sweeper on defense and never really had much of an opportunity to score-side note here--I almost hurt myself jumping up out of my chair . (Sweeper is the last person before the goalie.) She has tried running cross country, volleyball and is now into basketball at school. Her hair is still short and she still loves it. She is still on Student Council and enjoys that as well. She has also managed stragiht A's and is just growing up way too fast for her mama! She can cook one protein-baked tilapia. Other than that, well, it's cereal. We're working on learning how to cook spaghetti next. She sees no point in cooking when she can have cereal.....

I'll try to post a basketball schedule for Grace and JoGail when I get JoGail's. I'm certain her games will be a hoot. I think the half time score at Grace's game last night was 3-2.

Coy is staying busy at work. He still enojys going in so that's always a positive sign! He has such good people to work with. They keep him laughing and on his toes. Then after school he has homework duty...usually the girls and at least a acouple of friends go to his office for homework help. The girls say their friends think his office is "cool". He's healthy as a horse and still drinking the diet cokes and eatinfg pop tarts for breakfast!

I am hanging in there. Trying to keep up with everyone. I have really enojyed cooking for the family and trying to keep it halfway healthy. Work is still enjoyable. I, too, have an awesome group of people to work with. I am so thankful the girls have wonderful teachers at their schools. Their teachers seem to enjoy them which make sme a little bit proud!

I am planning on posting more to this blog, so check back frequently!!!