Lauries Kitchen

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookie Decorating 2009

Here is a sampling of the cookies we made and decorated yesterday. I am proud to say that the girls' decorating skills have dramatically improved. We had alot of fun doing this. The girls look forward to this every year. This afternoon we are taking on the gingerbread house! I also have promised the girls a trip to the thrift store. They love to take 5 dollars each and try to find a bargain. Grade heads to the music and books section and JoGail heads to the ladies' clothes. The best thing is they never know what they will find! I'll try to remember to post theid finds. Coy's new glasses came in. He said he could tell a difference immediately. I think he looks even mor elike Harry Potter in these glasses. He got the transition lenses this time-I hope he likes them. I had to get the extra table out to put all the sweets on. We just have too many. Makes it super easy to graze all day, too.