Lauries Kitchen

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wed night----AWANAS night!!!!

WOW!!!! Pizza was a big hit at the church family supper tonight..Sure makes it easier on those of us serving!!!! The salad was one of our bes tonight, tooo.....

Grace had her lasat nursing home Christmas party tonight. I think she was mroe prepared this week. She and Mackenzie had a blast to hear her talk about it. Apparently a lady told them to take her to room they wheeled her all over the nursing home looking for room 130! She said they got lost!

AWANAS was a little wild......we had seven little ones. I took the cloth nativity scene and told the Christmas story. It always amazes me how God calms them for the story time. And the things they remember! It's just really awesome. I enjoy those little ones! Then we had movie theatre popcorn and hot chocolate with marshmallows for a snack.

Foudn of who my secret sister was.... and I never would have guessed!!!!! Ms Sally!!!! She is such as awesome lady. She has so much joy and I truly appreciate her. She one of those people who come in your life and your life is never the same. She and I laugh alot and cry alot together.

Tomorrow night's the band concert. Doesn't start til seven, so it will be another late night. I think we have had soemthing every night this week. I am missing my family time. I know it will calm down soon and by the end of Christmas break I will be ready to send the girls back to school! Pinto beans are soaking.......pinto beans and cornbread for the best supper ever! I'm also going to start my vegetable soup for Sat. tomorrow night. Gonna break out the cast iron double dutch oven again! Love that thing! Thanks mom and Dad!

About to fall asleep so I better go get ready for bed. The cortizone shot last night kept me up til about 12, so I am extra tired right now. 2 more days till the weekend and we have plans!!!