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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Choco cherry Pie-oh my!

Oh oh my! JoGail got me the herhsey kisses cookbook for Christmas......oh my!!! I let her pick a recipe out for us to try together.....thisis what she chose and oh my!!!

1 baked pie crust, cooled
1 3/4 C hershey mini kisses-divided  ( I used nestle milk choc pieces)
1 1/2 c mini marshmallows
1/3 c milk
1 cup cold whipping cream
1 can cherry pie filling

Place 1 cup mini cho pieces, marshmalloes and 1/3 c milk in  pam sprayed microwave safe bowl and microwave about 2 mins or until you can stir it and it is smooth. CHILL completely.

Beat whipping cream (thank goodness I had a hand blender and JoGail did this!) ; fold into chocolate mixture. Warning-if you eat the chocolate mixture it is awesome!
Spoon into crust and refrigerate at least 4 hours.
Garnish with cherry pie filling and leftover choc pieces and whipped cream.

recipe from Hershey Kisses  Brand Recipes cookbook

We are planning on serving this tomorrow night when Grammy and PawPaw are here...after homemade soup!

We are enjoying the break. I never really thought our gang would start enjoying watchign movies the way we have this break. I'm ok as long as I can search recipes on the laptop during the movie. I am just not good at doing nothing while watchign a movie!!! :)

No snow here.....just a cold rain. I think the weather man said it may snow a little tonight. We had turkey pot pie for supper tonight  and it was so good! It just tastes so much better with leftover turkey then chicken-or that's what my gang thinks.

Coy and the girls put together JoGail's hotwheels Cars racetrack. They have really enjoyed playing with it. I think both girls have enjoyed it.

 I have been reading.....books from the library. I have readd three Regan Riley mysteries and am trying a new author now. It's been nice not thinking about work for awhile. I know it'll be back on my mind soon enough.

I need to go check on the pie but my 13 year old has her head in my lap so I think I will wiat that girl !