Lauries Kitchen

Friday, December 11, 2009

AHHHH A quiet nite!

Oh it's quiet! Coy and Grace are at basketball practice. JoGail spent the night with Jana. Nice and quiet. I guess you could say it's the calm before the storm! Tomorrow's going to be a fun day....staying in pj's and baking most of the morning. The church tasting tea is Sunday after the choir concert. The Edward's brought me the cookie dough and all I have to is bake! (And try not to eat too many!!) I am also going to try out some other recipes I have been holding onto. Getting cards out in the mail is also another goal for tomorrow. JoGail gets home around 12 and then tomorrow night we have Eustace's Chrisstmas on the Square! The parade starts t 5:30. Coy is going to try adn not get hit with candy this year!! HAHA We'll see! Grace is on the Student Council float adn the Select choir JoGail is in is singing at the gazebo.

Next weekend is the Cole Christmas, if the weather holds. We are all planning on gathering at Beki and David's new house. It will be good ot see everyone. I'm not sure what I am going to take. It'll have to be thought out because I think we are leaving sometime around noon and spending the night somewhere before getting to their house on Sun. Any ideas? Some things I have thought about include sausage balls...I don't know though. Whatever it is will also have to travel well.
I have to take thing sto work on Thursday and Friday as well. I am taking easy cheesy rotel dip on thursday and I think I am making a new recipe for Friday. We do a dish exchange in our department. We draw names and bring a dish with food in it. Then whoever's name we had gets the dish plus any leftovers. Last year I got a trifle bowl that I had been wanting for was fun. Plus I got a couple new recipes! Jane's dried beef dip has become a favorite of mine!

My secret sister at church was Sally Johnson! She did such an awesome job! I love the little cards she would mail me. She is such a sweet lady and such an encouragement. She always has a smile, regardless of how she feels. I love her!! One of her gifts to me was the Southern Living recipe Collection for 2009....Oh my goodness!!! I have been reading a litle bit of it every night since I got it. Thank you, Sally!

Just a few more minutes of quiet time before Coy and Grace get's gonna be a great weekend!