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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009......welcome 2010

Wow! 2009 literally flew many things to be thankful for....I generally do not make resolutions.....not much point ot them in my book.....I generally do not stay up til midnight on New Year's Eve, either....usually we are at my grandmother's for my Aunt's bonfire....I like to take the 'just another day attitude'. But we decided to do things differnt this year....we decided to stay home and try to start some traditions.....let the girls have friends over and do things here at the house....we had planne don digging a fire pit and doing fireworks but it's a little too wet for either of those we headed to' shard to find a decent movie for 13 year olds! We settled on the oringinal Star Wars movies.....Grace saw one the other day and loved it as only she could! Games are out adn food is everywhere.....chips, dips.....coka cola, dr pepper...Girls are supposed to be here around 4. House is cleaned and floors are swept and mopped.....not sure why we did that with kids coming over, but we did. Expecting alot of fun memories to be made tonight...

Sidenote....happiness is hearing your almost 10 year old sing 'I'll Fly Away' while playing with her Hot Wheels....

Here's a copy of the annual letter......kind of gives you an idea of what's been going on this past year..

Last February saw both girls being baptized on the same day. It was such a precious and special day!

In January Grace played EASA basketball. Coy was the coach and she improved so much. She was humbled when she was selected as the female played of the year. A lot of her soccer friends were on the team, and it was a fun season. She was 5’7” at her last checkup and wants to keep growing. She has a short pixie haircut that looks great on her. She was at the tip top of her class last year and has been working even harder to make it to the very top. She has tried running cross country, playing volleyball and playing basketball so far. Cross country was ok; she enjoyed running alone. Her team won first in the District meet. In volleyball she was beginning to spike and block well as the season was winding down. She played soccer again for the Lady Destroyers in the rec. league Her team won third place at the state tournament in the Under 14 division. The girls were so excited. Her position was sweeper, which is the last person before the goalie. She’s figuring out that her daddy may (Let me emphasize may) know a thing or two about math.

JoGail is in the fourth grade and will be ten next month. She is getting to play EASA basketball this year for the first time. Coy says she isn’t bad. He’s her coach AGAIN. Poor girl has never had anybody but her daddy for a coach! Their soccer team, the Soccer Sisters, missed going to the state tournament by 1 point. Those girls have improved so much! She has made all A’s this year and is just growing up before our eyes. She still has a generous heart and loves being around people. She got glasses this summer and can see much better now!!! She has sports glasses and looks pretty cool in them! She still rides the bus over to Coy’s office every afternoon and gets help from him with her homework. Of course, she’s sneaking chocolate with Karen and Carol every chance she gets, too! JoGail is developing her passion for cooking…She loves reading cookbooks and trying our new recipes. I have even caught her on the internet reading recipes. We made Toad in the Hole (toast with an egg cooked in the middle) yesterday!

Laurie is still a diagnostician in Mabank. My job is always changing and it keeps me on my toes! I am on facebook…check it almost every day! That’s an easy way to keep up with us. I also have a blog that keeps me

Coy is coaching two EASA basket ball teams-JoGail’s 3rd and 4th grade team and a 5th and 6th grade team. So that’s keeping him extra busy. Between that and going to things at the school, he never slows down. He’s still reading and playing with computers when he’s home. He’s also enjoyed playing the girls in the Wii games.

As a family we have discovered playing the game of 42. Usually it’s Grace and Coy against JoGail and I. She and I seem to think a little more untraditional when it comes to bidding. It’s fun. We were fortunate to be able to travel to the Grand Canyon for vacation. It was a long ride but well worth it. We enjoyed it.

May God Bless you and yours in the coming year!!!!