Lauries Kitchen

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 more mornings!

WHOOP! WHOOP! We are working our way to Saturday......the first day of Christmas break!

One more trip to Wal-Mart tonight....Does anyone else get tired of going???? Last minutes thign sthe girls needed for school and groceries for what I am taking to work Thursday and Friday. By the way, I am taking regular rotel dip on Thursday and then swiss cheese dip (new recipe!) and creamy rotel dip on Friday. Creamy rotel dip is 2 blocks of cream cheese melted with cooked sausage and 1 can drained is good! My Aunt Toot taught me this recipe at her New Year's Eve bonfire a couple of years ago. Things are getting thrown together for the Cole Christmas as well. I am taking things for a relish tray and some baked cookies. I though tthe kids would like the cookies. My dad has a new cookie recipe he's bringing called bizcochito.....the recipe I found online calls for 1 POUND of LARD....Yes, LARD.....I'm thinking it's not too healthy but I bet it tastes good! You never know what we will eat at a Cole get together. I've wondered if we will have pink salad??? That was always a hit with everyone growing up.

3 more was chilly this morning.....I really didn't want to get out of bed! But then agian I never do want to get up.....never really have now that I think about it!