Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas on the Square

Christmas on the square was great! Teh band and choirs sounded awesome. Coy said the parade had 14 floats!!! WOW! Thee were lots of people there, sespite the wet weather and chill. Lots of people took advantage of the free lemons and peppermint sticks. I think Bro. Paul said they gave away about 400....that's lot of sticky people in Eustace! I did find out that he buys the peppermint sticks at the Cracker the case full. Afterwards, Coy took us to Pizza Hut. That's always good and fun!

What a busy day! Bakes alot of cookies this morning! There was one type I baked, cranberry oatmeal, that was awesome. They smelled and tasted so good! JoGail and I maade rolo turtles and oreo balls this afternoon. That girl loves to cook! I am debating about making some gumdrop fudge tonight or waiting til tomorrow. I think I will wait until tomorrow. I am pooped. I cooked down a hcicken today while I was baking to have during the week. It's going to be a busy week!

Monday-Grace basketball game
Tuesday-Coy board meeting
Wednesday-Grace youth party & church Grace-semester tests
Thursday--Early release for the girls -Grace semester tests
Friday-Coy basketball practice and early release for the girls-Grace semester tests
Sat-rest and pack to head to Colorado City
Sunday-Cole Christmas at Beki and David's, weather permitting

Still not sure what I am making to take to Beki's. Has to travel well and doesn't need to be refrigerated since we will probably spend Sat night somewhere. I'm thinking choc candy will not be good because it would probably melt in the car with the heater. :(

Any ideas or requests of what I can take???