Lauries Kitchen

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Almost there!!!

We're almost at Christmas break!!!!! One more morning!!!!!

Coy adn the girls had early release this afternoon....but I sitll beat them home! Coy dedided to go ahead adn practice his young basketball team. I had shake n bake chicken, black eyed peas, broccoli and roasted potatoes waiting when they finally came in. Must have been good-nothing's left! Tomorrow afternoon he's practicing the older team. I am planning baked fish and sides for tomorrow night when they come in.

We had awesome appetizers this morning at the office. Got me way off my eating schedule and blodd sugar dropped this eevening, but I htink I have it back up now. I ate too much this morning and not enough this afternoon. Gotta watch that this time of year! Tonight I have to finish cooking fo rthe dish exchange tomorrow. Creamy rotel dip and I htink I'm going ot try one called swiss cheese dip. Probably make them both tonight and just reheat them in the morning.

Right now we are all watching Winnie the Pooh's to watch again with the girls....they used to love Winnie the Pooh.....and Little Bear....

Made it by the library on my way home today.....I have books to read over the break!!!! Hope I don't decided to do nothing and read them all in one day!

Gotta go get busy again in the kitchen! I love it!!