Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Coy's gang!

We made it to Rockwall this afternoon---about the same time Judy and Jerry made it! They were supposed to be there a couple of days ago but couldn't get out of Anson. As usual we had a great time and great food! JoGail showed Todd all about the Price is Right Nintendo game!!!  We got to visit with Jim and Jennifer from Kansas City, too! They have such precious boys....They are growing up soo fast, too !!

After visiting with them we had to hit Barnes and Noble--hey we were within 12 miles of one! I swear Grace has a builkt in radar for finding those things. Needless to say Coy and I were the only ones talking on the way home-the girls were reading.

Broke down and put up the Christmas decorations this evening. Either tomorrow or Monday we will tackle the outside stuff. Hwo come it always come sdown alot faster than putting it up??

I told Coy this evening that I have had enough sweets. I am ready to get back on the calorie counting band wagon. Who would have thought I would say  that???