Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break!

I thought I posted soemthing last week but it's not here now! I posted a quick recipe too but can't even remember what it was! HA I must be getting older!

No real big plans for this break.....mainly just hoping to rest!

I tried a new recipe for it from a diet center cookbook but I am sure others have tried it as well! Oh my! It is good. It really hit my spot this morning. May become my Sat morning breakfast!!

Favorite breakfast

2 eggs (per person)
1 TBSPN water
1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Beat eggs and water together. Pour in heated teflon pan. Start scrambling. As eggs congeal add wedge of cheese and mi well. When eggs are starting to set take them off heat and pour onto plate. Let cool and enjoy!

Soccer today! I am hoping to get soem good pictures since it's a  beautiful day!