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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trying to be healthier....

OK I admit it..I am trying to eat healthier...but boy is it hard tobreak old habits! Coy found some gummy bears that are loaded with fiber....we had ot hide them from JoGail! They taste great though! I am trying to cook better, more fibery....more get the idea! Coy's managed to lose a little weight (like he needed to).....I'm umm working on it.

Today we had two girls basketball teams in end of season tournaments. One playe din Scurry and the other in Trinidad....I had to coach the little girls (JoGail's team) in Scurry. They played two back to back games and played hard. They scored 14 points in their final game! WAHOO!!!!  Coy took the 5th and 6th grade team to Trinidad. They placed 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out of a BUNCH of teams! We were both so proud of them!

It's a beautiful day here but rain is expected tomorrow....JoGail had a friend over last night. They had the metal detector out in teh front bar ditch adn had a blast. I think they uncoverd some petrified wood. JoGail went home with her after the games....without PUPPY.  She told me shew as too big for him....we'll see!!!!!

Here's my latest favorite veggie recipe.....I love this...

Zuchinni & Mushrooms

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a shallow roasting pan with pam. Cut up 1 medium zuchinni. I cut mine in half. Then thirds and then into cubes. Add about 1/2 cup sliced fresh mushrooms. Bake until zuchinni is soft. (about 20-25 mins)  Can sprinkle with mozz cheese if you want. you may also want to salt and pepper it before roasting. Yummo a