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Thursday, October 20, 2011

wow..where has the time gone??

I was driving the other day and I like to do. I realized that almost half of Grace's freshman year of high school is almost gone! Poof! Gone! Then tonight she was on the couch watching 7th voyage of SInbad iwth her dad and it hit me again that in 3 1/2 years she probably won't be sitting there doing that!

And I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, but I love hearing stories from my girls during their junior high years...they are just good stories! And I don't have much longer for that, either!

Oh yeah and only 6 more years of working the ocncession ladies know I enjoy that! Can't beat those BBQ nachos!!!  (Now before you go, eeewww, let me just state that our concession is well known fo rthe products we sell. It really is good, and we have a specific way of making nachos, BBQ or not......maybe one day I can tell our secret, but for now you just have to trust me on this! )

Good things are happening at EHS these days....Band perofrmed well at competition, FFA is in full swing of showing animals, etc, the girls volleyball team is playoff bound and the football is 7-0!  That's alot for a small school, but the BIG action is Monday.....the district cross country team. The cross country team here is a dedicated group of indiviuals. They train all summer long, run in the wee hours of the morning and sometimes double back and run again at night. Cross Country in Texas involves a team of 5-7 runners running a course. The higher you place the lower your score. The boys run 3 miles while the girls run 2 miles. The team with the lowest score wins. There's not alot of cheering at cross country meets. It's like, as a parent, you see them start as a huge group. Then you move to finish line to see them finish, dying from exhaust. Some courses are chilly, others straight. Some courses are on grass/dirt, some go on sidewalks and tracks. And rain or shine, hot or cold you run. (unless there's lightening). I've seen shoes unrecognizable because the runner ran through the mud. I've seen runners covered in clothing from head to toe and I've seen runner with as little on as possible. They just run and LOVE to run. And Eustace has kids who love to run. Both in high school and middle school. Kids that you look at and think that kid's not very athletic looking that will kick your tail in a cross country race. Kids that EXPECT to medal in a cross country race. Kids that pour their heart and soul into running. And I have one of those kids. Try as we might, she loves to run and train with the others. She can recite times and tell you when and where she was when she broke her fastest time. A kid who comes home from cross country meets exhausted for the rest of the day becuase she gave it her all. A kid who really doesn't want her parents at her meets because it might jinx her and her routine....(yeah, we went to the one here and we're going to the district race on Monday)...I love that girl and am proud of her dedication to the sport. She's a pretty good girl if I do say so myself!  I hope to have some pictures to post from the district meet next week. All too soon this will all be over and Coy and I wil lbe sitting here just looking at each other....well, him at the tv and me at my computer!