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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Lucky me!!!!!

Coy and the girls has last Monday off (Fair day).....I got to work.....My district's fair day is tomorrow.....and yep, I'm pretty sure I have strep I get to go to the doctor...I ahd planned on Hobby lobbying and birthday shopping.....not sure now what I'll do. Just depends on when I can get in at the doctor. I already know my regular doctor is out tomorrow (tried to schedule my thyroid checkup), so it'll just have to be whoever can see me, gag me with the strep test and write a good prescription.

My girl.....JoGail

JoGail and Justin

JoGail was recently asked to Homecoming for our local EASA football team. Now I'm not sure how other small communities do this, but it is a rather elaborat aaffair here. Football players and cheerleaders have someone walk them out on the field. There is no queen or king, everyone jsut gets to walk on the field. The girls get the guys garters and the guys get the girls mums. MIne was th eLAST order the florist was taking at Memories of Elegance......thank you ladies!!!)It's kind of interesting and neat to watch. JoGail was asked by Justin. Now JoGail and Justin go waaayyy back .They have the longest perfect attendance streaks in their class. They both go back to Headstart days. Now before you can ask how she has perfect attendance for so long, let me assure you that iIdo not send my kids to school sick. If they get sick it's over the holidays or spring break.She has had antibiotics only one time in her 11 years. My girls just really don't get sick. She did get poison ivy last year and the doctor assured us more than once that she wasn't contagious and I asked her about staying home and she went beserk. "How can I miss a day? They might teach me something good today? "So. How do you argue with that 5th grade logic???? So off she went. She broke her school....on a Friday, so she was good to go Monday. Anyway, back to my story, she fixed her makeup and got all ready and off we went at 6:30. She looked beautiful. They had them all lined up in numerical order...he was number started sprinkling on number 1......we made it to player number 3 before the bottom fell out. It was mad chaos. People running trying as hard as I could to put my camera up. I waited to try and find her and ran then figured if she didn't have enough sense to ge to the car (There  really wasn't anywhere else to run to get dry) , well, I didn't know what I would do. I got in the car. I am soaked, sore throat, the works. A friend's mom called and had JoGail. They knew I was trying to get sick and offered to take her to their house and change her clothes then bring her back (there was a 30 minute delay). So I went home.  So here's some pictures of my this girl and her heart....and her love of life....she has taught me how to have fun....I am not sure why it posted them all twice........