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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A completely random post

Wahoo!!! Christmas Break has started here! I almost hate to see it coming because it seems like we are just adjusting to high school life and middle school life! Seriously, though, we are thankful for the break and grateful for our family time.  The time is flying fast. I sit here on the couch sometimes and think about how fast time is going by and how it won't be long til it's just me and Coy sitting here...ahhhh but I MUST enjoy the moment!!!

But before I get to that let me just say how thankful I am to the staff at Eustace ISD. I know I have said it before, but I cannot IMAGINE my kids having a better second family than the staff at the school and church. I always fret before my kids go to a new campus, but I shouldn't. God always sends someone to help my girls adjust and look up to.

I made this new recipe the other night when Coy  was at board meeting--hence all the cheese! It was a hit and the girls liked it. I think I got it off pinterest--not really sure because like any good recipe, this one is written down on a stray envelope.

1 box cooked penne pasta ( I found the kind that cooks in 3 minutes)
4 oz sour cream
1 jar chicken alfredo sauce
small container ricotta cheese (I used cottage cheese to save $2)
1 pound cooked chicken
2 eggs
1/4 cup paremeson cheese
1 cup mozzarella cheese

Mix together everything but the mozzarealla cheese and put in prepared baking pan. Spread mozzarealla cheese on top and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.

We finally got some rain in this part of the world. Hoping for even more. Missy (sister in Amariallo) and I have a weather thing going right now. Dallas forecasters are calling for a sleet/thunder snow on Monday for Amarillo. Amarillo forecasters are just calling for rain...............We will see who's right!!!   Guess we could have at least betted  a coke or cup of hot cocoa or something.

Our annual dish exchange was yesterday at work. Unfortunately I didn't get to stay for the party since I was taking JoGail to the doctor, but there was lots of food and neat dishes there! Jill brought back some cheese curds from her weekend trip home to Wisconsin. I had never had them until she brought some last year and they were really good! Gina made a lighted up pumpkin roll for Bob and Jane made some candy for her person.  There were lots of other goodies as well! We always have such a good time doing that. We draw a name and then literally buy a dish that person wants and then cook something in it (we have a little questionaire) and then we eat buffet style and you get to take home the dish and whatever's left in it. It's so fun!

Some of you may have heard about the nativity scene activity in Athens--we were unable to attend the rally but have heard wonderful things about it and are proud to be Americans.

Washed Grace's two ankle braces this morning....She pulled them out of her basketball bag and oh my! Those things could have walked to Dallas by themselves. They were wet, too. She said she sweated alot last night during the game in Leon.'s bad when SHE comes to me and says that they stink and need to be washed ! (Told you this was a random post!)

We have been watching alot of ICarly, Victorious, and even Drake and Josh (all nick shows for teenagers) as a family. They really are funny and of couse Grace and Coy catch things no one else does!  In alot of shows their characters overlap.

I didn't get my bed remade this morning. I was going to take off the wool blanket and put the electric blanket on....while I love snuggling under three layers of blankets Coy is not so fond of it and actually I don't like it when my foot sticks out. Somehow I usually end up with all the wool blanket on my side of the bed. I have daylight time left so I might get that done before the night's up!

I'm making chicken soup for Sunday lunch's going to be good and I hope it gets our JoGail to feeling better! She has strep again....yes, AGAIN....

I haven't even started the Christmas meal menu yet...I know we are having ham though....I figure I have a week! I'm sure Coy will want dressing and gravy and JoGail will want sweet potatoes....rolls and tea....have lots of sweets but Coy and the girls will make some pumpkin pies too.

I am truly happy Melissa ISD won the the football championship for our division! We played them in the Area Championship and lost to them. It's nice to be able to say we were beaten by the state champs!

I am glad I am not a chef. I don't think I was designed to handle the pressures they go through on a daily basis. Yes, I have stress at work, but it's unlikely I would kill someone or put someone in the hospital with food poisoning during a routine day as they might.

I'm late getting photo cards out this year. No real reason why, just haven't done it. I did get out the photo albums with all the photo cards from years past out, though! Some go back as far at 1993!!!!  It's so fun to look back and see how kids and families have grown. Just looking at how our girls have grown amazes me! But, I still put my favorite pictures of them with Santa on the mantle! Every year!

I don't care about politics. Really I don't. I know it's important to our country and state and all it just isn't me. Never really has been. I read it on the internet a little, but really don't pay much attention to it all. I have always tried to live by the by the 'be nice to others' and treat others they the way you want to be treated" theories and they don't seem to do that. Neither do the news stations. And that completes my thoughts on politics.

I'm thinking about buying some kale and making kale just break it up and put some olive oil on it then bake. Anybody tried this????

I am getting used to my glasses. They are a pain when I want ot read something up close, because I have to take them off, but other than that no main problems. You'll be glad to know they really make a difference when I drive!