Lauries Kitchen

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm up!!!!

I'm up and ready to get some final things done today! Lots of cooking going on today--making strawberry swirl cheesecake, more cranberry salsa, icing sugar cookies,  making Karen's taco chili mix she gave us, cooking the sweet potatoes, and who knows what else! I am ready and willing though to get going. Coy's getting his truck door handle fixed (don't even ask me how he broke it opening the truck door).  The girls are sleeping in for a bit. Seems like we have had something to do or somewhere to go every day of break so far. And that's ok... it's still been nice. We feel like we have accomplished many things already!

Lately my oldest daughter has been posting some things on facebook that have made me feel proud. She is posting things that show she is thinking for herself and that she realizes the love of God and having a relationship with God is the greatest thing. These are two things Coy and I have prayed she would learn as she grows up. I guess that means she is growing up. She amazes us with her depth of understanding.

JoGail is growing up, too. her body is looking more like Grace's (athletic) every day. She follows her sister and is outside alot kicking a soccer ball around or dribbling the basketball. She is witty and funny. I laughed yesterday as I watched her play her nintendo game while we were at Children's. She was holding it and looking over her glasses to see it. Made her look funny!

Made a date yesterday to see Coy's sister Judy and her husband Jerry and his nephew and his wife (Todd and Michelle). Always love seeing them--we have ALWAYS have fun! We are trying to plan a spring trip to Lubbock to see JoLynn. Of course Coy and I have different spring breaks this year, but I think we have a plan. Just waiting to hear back from JoLynn when her spring break is! Excited because it's been a couple of years since we have ventured out there. Coy was calling it a 'road trip'. Of course it also hinges on the track schedule..

I heard something the other day that I wished we had thought of when the girls were young. Only giving three gifts per person. The guy's reasoning was that three gifts were good enough for Jesus so it should be good enough for us. Made me think.

Ok, it's time to get sure is quiet around here............I kind of like that!!!