Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Faboulous Five!

I'm going to try and (only) list five random  fabulous things in my life at this moment!

1. Pot Roast....I finally broke down and bought one (those things are expensive only to be wiped out in one meal around here)....It smelled absolutely wonderful cooking and tasted even better. I actually cooked it in the oven this morning. The family gets it tomorrow for lunch after I cook the veggies in it. I (being the mom) got to taste it tonight and it is wonderful!

2. Clean floors. These are fabulous because I look at all this tile and its clean and I think "I don't have to clean them!"  OF course, that won't last for about 12 hours, but it's nice when it happens.

3.Clean sheets!!!! There is absolutely nothing better than working around the house all day, taking a warm bath then climbing in between 2 clean sheets!

4. Diet Coke...I might not like it, but it sure keeps Coy happy! Seems like everything else he really likes they quit making or stocking around here, so it's nice to know I can always find him a diet coke!

5. Benadryl...I've been self medicating with that and singulair this week hoping I could get through the track meet without getting sick and it seems to have worked! Guess I'll keep doing that since we have several more weeks of meets! But it was nice to get outside and not 'pay the price'  for it. I'm beginning to itch as I speak, so pray I don't break out in hives tonight! (I did get outside and do some yard work today....)