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Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Fave Five

1. Summer fruits and vegetables...Really is there anything better than fried squash? or a squash casserole made from squash grown from love? Or fresh blueberries for my morning smoothie from Mr. Miller's?I'm missing watching our watermelons and cantaloupes grow this year..we just didn't get the garden in the ground with all the track meets and everything else going on. Very thankful for friends who share, though! 

2. Friends who I don't see very often but make me feel like I see or talk to them every day! I can be quirky at times and my friends help me through it. Very thankful for all of them!

3. My fitness pal... I actually have a love/hate relationship with this app. Love that it helps me, but hate to use it. I mean. it could potentially help me lose weight, but it's a pain and often embarrassing to add what I really ate to it.

4. Melamine plates and bowls. Some know, others don't that we have dishes from the 70's in my kitchen cabinet. Coy hates corelle and other types of plates because he says when he cuts on them with a knife it makes a noise. Now I have never noticed the noise, but if he says so. So all our plates are melamine and most do not match. Therefore, I don't have to worry about JoGail dropping them on the tile and breaking them. I have not always felt this way about the plates. I prefer matching, but that' s almost impossible with Coy's request. Trust me--these plates are durable though. I have baked them, dropped them , microwaved them and done anything else I could to get rid of them......but alas they are still being used on a routine basis. Our current ones are tan with orange and yellow flowers on them. (think 70's)... I say current, they are the ones Coy had when we got married 18 years ago!

5.Our couch. It's microfiber and usually a little dirty and somewhat coming apart in places, but it is AWESOME to take a summer nap on. I keep thinking that when we replace it I might want a leather one, but I'm not sure if it will pass the nap test!


Mom24 said...

Great list. :) I'd love your squash casserole recipe, my 9 year old loves squash casserole.