Lauries Kitchen

Monday, May 28, 2012

What a great weekend!

What a great weekend! We thought we were going to start with a volleyball game on Friday, but Grace was still coughing alot so we made her skip it. And for those keeping up, that was a week with  no athletics for Grace. That's pretty unusual for her. We 're back into the swing of volleyball abs basketball this week, though!  So Saturday we had the EHS graduation. I love going to graduation and seeing all the formalties. This was a hard one for me though, because I am envisioning Grace graduating more and more and more. I had to remind myself several times to just enjoy the moment! So after graduation we went for our weekly 'cheeseless' pizza at Pizza Hut (it's cheaper to eat there than enywhere else for us!) Then we headed to Mesquite to go to Academy. Now that's an adventure. Everyone goes in with their phones so we can find everyone when we need them. Grace headed to shoes to find discus throwing shoes...JoGail was in the clothes and Coy was everywhere. I just kept up with Coy! He needed new clothes since he has lost so much weight, so we loaded him up there. Grace would have gotten the shoes she picked out but they were 'Kemp Orange'. (Had they been 'Eustace purple' they would be in her closet right now). She ended up with workout clothes along with JoGail. I know, we're weird buying workout clothes, but it works for us. Since the girls do their own laundry in the summer it helps keep them motivated to keep up with doing their laundry! An enjoyable time was had by all.....then we slept in Sunday..don't do that very often but we were ALL tired. (3 out of 4 of us are on antibitics for strep.) Then we went our for brunch. It was very enjoyable just spending time with the four of us. Today we slept in again and grilled out for lunch. The hamburgers were great and the desserts even better-chocolate skillet cake, root beer floats, or key lime pie. Everyone enjoyed it and we talked about the significance of the day to keep everything in perspective.

Tomorrow night it's volleyball again. I'm very excited to get to see my Grandmother and Aunt Toot on Wednesday! Plus I get to see Aunt Nancy (really my great aunt) and cousin Wanza! Thursday is a half day at school. Then Friday is a workday for me. I'm excited to be pretty much finished by June 7! (They reduced our days and our pay but it doesn't bother me as long as I can still get most everything wrapped up at work!) There's a few days I'll have to go in through out the summer, but I can handle that! I'm really looking forward to summer workout walks starting up and seeing all my EISD friends! And of course Wednesdays at Sherry's!!!! I've been really trying to let my hip heal so I'll be ready to walk!

I can't believe both of my girls are old enough to do summer workouts. Grace loves those. She fell in love with working out during these when she was younger. We're hoping JoGail will as well. Grace is also planning on throwing the discus some and lifting even more weights to try and get stronger to throw farther.  She's already cut cokes out of her diet and been trying to eat more and more protein and drink more water. It's amazing to watcher her and her passion for throwing. And it is a passion. something she absolutely loves.

JoGail will have a rough time at workouts, but will adjust. She'll get to see some friends, so that will help her alot.

I am looking forward to getting some deep cleaning done around the house and of course finding and trying new recipes. Sometimes it's hard to try new recipes when you live with people that could eat the same thing for days on end.  I made some homemade chocolate syrup (for ice cream and making chocolate milk) today. It turned out pretty good. Next up is hot fudge sauce. Since I found some ice cream (Breyer's LActose free) ice cream Coy can have, I'm hoping we get to eat more of that this summer!

Coy is reading to quite wearing suits every day! He will keep going in early in the summer and get lots of things done. I know he'll  enjoy the 'daily report' from the girls when they fnish the summer workouts too. (I'm sure he will get more out of JoGail reporting it than he did with just Grace!) . Of course she'll have to learn (the hard way) that Daddy sees and knows all with his video cameras....BAWAHAHA  She did make the year without being sent to the prnicipal's office........first time since she started in head 8 years ago! She adds so much fun to our family!

Enjoy your summer!!