Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Life lessons

My life lessons for the girls......

1. Be you. Be the best you ! Don't change the way you are for someone else.
2. It's ok to wait to for that special guy. You don't need alot of 'experiences' to know when you find your soul mate. Your dad and I have been praying for him.
3. Be healthy! Your size doesn't matter...your health does.
4. God, then family. This doesn't necessarily mean church then family, but it could. Keep your relationship with God first in your life and you will benefit. Keep learning scriptures. Tape them wherever so you remember them.
5. Stay away from Drama! Yes, there is drama at work, in families and in friendships. Stay away as much as you can. ( You are both already doing ag reat job of this!)
6. Manage your money well. You have often heard me say that money isn't everything, and it's not. But money can ruin relationships. Keep it in perspective.
7. Keep up your good work ethic. Yes, we all have to do work that we don't like at times, regardless of our job, title, education,etc. Sometimes it feels really good to just work.
8. Be nice to people-everyday. Holding a door, helpin gsomeone who needs help, saying a kind word--those are the best thigns in life.
9. Get your sleep. (You knew I would put that one in here.) It rejuvinates you, gives you energy and keeps you well. Nothing good happens on the streets after about 11 pm. NOTHING.
10. Do what your are passionate about. Those ar ehte things you will enjoy. Find a career that you are passionate about and go for it.
11. You always have a choice. You might not like the optoins, but YOU do have a choice.
12. Remember that we love you....but not near as much as God does!

I plan to add ot this and print if for them one day...any ideas??