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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Satuday's Spectacular Six

This is supposed to be a Fabulous Friday Five Post , but I am a day late ! We had a lot going on last night...volleyball, baseball playoff game, etc. We did have a nice break after school yesterday since nothing really started until 7:30.p

Satuday's Spectacular Six---six blessing from the past week...

1. I had time to come home and walk most days even though we had banquets galore to go to last week. Come home, walk, start the girls supper, shower and then get prettied up for the banquets. I love seeing everyone all dressed up.

2. A husband who truly puts kids first--not only his kids but the kids at school. . I was talking with some friends last night at the ball game and I was reminded of how well and how often he does this. I am truly blessed to be married to someone who loves people the way he does. Sometimes I get frustrated by that, so it was great to be subtly reminded of how much he does that.

3.  Allergies. I know it slows me down and makes me grouchy, but IT SLOWS ME DOWN when I usually need it most. This weekend its hit again and it has DEFINITELY slowed me down, but I needed to. I need to take a walking break and just relax with the family awhile.

4. Two girls that love playing outside-I know I have said that before. But it truly blesses me that they love playing outside, singing, kicking around a soccer ball, listening to theirr music. I seriously think their 'teenage' room is actually outside.

5.Facebook. I love being able to keep up with long lost friends and my family through facebook. With my best friend and sister (Melissa) in Amarillo and my new sister inlaw (Amanda) in Abilene, it's so much easier to keep up with them. I like Grace's posts, too. They are usually hilarious!

6. Comfort food. That chocolate skillet cake tasted alot like MawMaw. chocolate cake! Then I was grocery shopping this morning and got some pinto beans. I can't wait (Leigh Ann) to make a pot of pinto beans and a pan of cornbread. Then I tried to make my mom's potato salad (sort of, Cassie) this evening and it hit the spot.

~~SO Blessed!!!!



Mom24 said...

That is a really good list. :)

So hard sometimes to find the balance between taking care of ourselves and being there with our families, isn't it? Or, maybe that's just me.

Glad you had such a good week. I hope this one feels as good too. Hope the allergies let up.