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Friday, August 03, 2007

Back to work

Today wasn't so bad afterall. It was wonderful to see everyone and get a feel for what the school year will bring. Basically I am going to hit the ground running. It won't be bad, though. As I have often told people, I love the peoole in my department. I can count on them and enjoy working with them. We added a new person and I think she will fit right in. I've always said I don;t like surprises, but I think I may see a bright side to surprises-I don't have time to worry about things! I will be working with alot of new people at the campus level.

I fly out to Amarillo to see my baby brother and the rest of my family for the weekend. Today is mom and dad's anniversary and Mike flew in from Afghanistan. I am catching the last flight out this evening. It will do me good to see everyone. I'm not sure if Beki is coming up or not. If she does, all five kids will be together. Missy somehow hurt her knee at the airport last night. She and Dad ended up in the emergency room most of the night. They told her she blew out her knee. She is in a leg brace and on crutches. She sees an orthopedic doctor next Tuesday. Having to depend on others is not easy for her.

So, Coy will have the girls all weekend. I fly back in Sunday night-late again. Next week willbe a long, but good week. I think he said he will take one more Friday off, then get in the groove of things in Eustace.

If you get the chance, go to and read the story about one of her soccer coaches-Bruce Tower. Shen she started on the destroyers he was the main coach, but the illness forced him to let others take the reigns. It's an interesting article. He is a neat man. Sign ups for the fall season should be soon.

Trying to think of a good poll question---email or post a comment for sugggestions.