Lauries Kitchen

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Last Day

Well, today's my last official day of summer break.....start back at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to seeing everyone but am very nervous about all the changes that lay ahead for me next year. Sometimes I think I react better when I don't see the changes coming and just have to change, right then! The best part of my job is the people I work with. I could not ask for better! It's also hard for me to think about all the sitting in meetings I will be doing in the coming days and weeks. As most of you know, that's difficult for me to do. But somehow I always manage.

Grace is recovering from having her warts taken off her foot. She actually put some weight on it yesterday. I still can't believe how much she is growing up and turning into a lady. It is very hard to believe she will be a fifth grader. Before long she'll be in junior high and every activity available. Grace will have three teachers this year and will rotate to some, but not all of her classes. We'll learn her teacher's names at meet the teacher night.

JoGail is excited about being in second grade-she 's also excited because this is her last year at the primary school. Her classroom will be in one of the new ones that has come about because of the renovations. We won't know who her teacher is until meet the teacher night.

Soccer starts up for both at the end of this month. Coy wants to coach JG's team again, so we are trying to find girls her age in Eustace. That way he can practice right after school. JG will be U8 again this fall. Grace will be on the Lady Destroyers U 12 team again. They will have a chance to represent the league at the Tournament of Champions this December, depending on their record and the point system.

I laid around all day yesterday so today I have a few chores to accomplish before my break is over. We are meeting Coy for lunch. That means Grace will have to emerge from her cocoon before lunch...oh no!