Lauries Kitchen

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Catching you up

Grace and I wen to the eye doctor yesterday. She has to have reading glasses. Kind of ironic since she asked Coy the other day if she could call him four eyes. H is response was, "Can you say computerless?" Needless to say she hasn't called him that. Jordan B has been over and spent the night. They did a great job of including JoGail. Taylor came over this afternoon and I think they have had a good time. I made tilapia for lunch nd Jordan B actually liked it! She's a pretty picky eater.

JoGail has been walking around the house in Grace black dress shoes that have a
heel. It's wonder she hasn't sprained her ankle yet.

Coy has been getting used to his glasses a little. He looks good in them. He didn't realize how much he wasn't seeing in focus.

I don't have to wear glasses-I can keep wearing the otc kind. I go back in 3years---haha.

NOt much else happening-trying to catch up laundry and house chores since I am back at work. Friday was Coy's last Friday off. He spent most of it mowing.