Lauries Kitchen

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Night

Clouds are circling and moving in. Nice to have a little break from the heat. Busy, busy day at work. Even busier tomorrow, as this is the first day back for teachers. Next week is shaping up to be lots of meetings, too. Did have one meeting this morning that I had to have before school starts to stay in timeline. 2 more on Monday, then that can be struck off the never ending list.

Coy has to work tomorrow! This is their first Friday to work since the end of May. He's not looking forward to it. Eustace has its first football scrimmage this Sat. Then the 25th, get this...Coy offer red to have Grace soccer team get together here at the house. Yes, you read that at our house....So I will be dusting and what not next week. We are cooking hamburgers because that's all we can afford to feed to ten 10 year old girls. We are thinking about getting a volleyball net and setting that up. Plus we figure we have more than enough room for a softball game if need be.

According to the Eustace ISd website, then girls have 11 more days before school starts.....getting a little better about getting up early. Still grouchy and non communicative, though.