Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, July 28, 2007

the ring

Took Grace to finish up shopping for school clothes and of course that was an adventure the one pair of shorts she TOTALLY wanted was $ she didn't get them! JoGail is going to have to give her shopping look at the price first!!!!!!!!!And they must be on sale! Grace did pick out a fashion ring at Cato''s silver with a braided pattern in the middle....she asked for it, so I got it. I almost fell over when I realized that was what she wanted.

JoGail went with Coy to Tyler to get him some dress that was an interesting shopping trip....He came home with what he went after, so it was at least successful.

Grace went over to Jordan B's. She got back from her grandparents in Kentucky. Both have grown so tall! Jordan is even skinnier than Grace! Jordan's little brother Addison is almost one and starting to walk and the little girl baby is due just about any day. They don't have a name picked out yet.

I'm anxious to see everyone from work, but I don't know that I am ready to begin working. I have some definite goals of things to work on this year and hope I can stay focused on them. Change is going to be all around me this year at work. Hopefully I can come home and unwind.

Tomorrow is wash day and finish the weeding day. I'm making lemon pepper talipia for lunch. Never tried it at home before. Everyone says it is easy. We'll see. made Paula Deen's red velvet cake this afternoon and Coy and JoGail said it turned out great. Grace wasn't a big fan of it. (She loves vanilla way more than chocolate, so it didn't surprise me.)