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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Doctor appointment

Well, I went to see Dr Marple in Dallas this morning. My nose, I know this is gross, but it is a fact of life for me, doesn't look as good as it did in April. He thinks it is because of all the mold in the air from all the rain. So, I am back on the crazy fungus meds. I asked him about just treating the symptoms and not the cause and he went into the whole spill about how we are treating the inflammation in my sinuses, which is comparable to someone who has asthma. You never really know why you get asthma, he said. You just know how to treat it. Anyways, I go back in six weeks.

TV still has red and green lines all through it. Hopefully the tv repair people can come out tomorrow and fix that.

Went and saw Harry Potter. We enjoyed it, although Coy said they cut out alot of details from the books.JG and I were actually crying as we saw this one. Hard to explain. It was good though. Definitely not the witch and spell type movies and books everyone thought it was about. There's alot more to it and I can honestly say my ten year old understands that.

Going on to bed. Took forever for me to fall asleep last night. I read three whole entire magazines and refused to get up!


Mrs. Chilton said...

Hey! I think I am going to use this blogging thing with my class in the fall....mainly info for parents. I really think this is neat!

Deanna said...

I have to agree with Coy about the movie, they did cut out alot of detail, I would have liked to see. I guess the movie would have been 4 hours long if they had not cut stuff. I have already pre-ordered the next book!!!
Do they do sinus transplants?!? Just wondering--might be easier on you at this point.

beki said...

The movie was which book?
For acertain price I'll have the new books in hand prior to 21st!!!I'm threatening tMike to tell him all the details.......

Laurie said...

Mrs. Chilton, this would be a great way to keep in touch with arents, post homework,'s super easy to do!

I have certainly had fun with it thei summer.

Deanna, I wish they did sinus transplants! I would definately sign up for one.

I am gearing up the courage to make the BIG Green Bay and airlines alone are going to be about $1000. But I keep teling myself it's a once in a lifetime me here!

Deanna said...

Greenbay-----GO FOR IT!!!! If you are on a roll and want to send me to Indianapolis to watch the COLTS, I can free my calendar!!!! he he he