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Saturday, July 21, 2007

It came in the mail.....

Well, I got the letter...You know, the letter that tells me when to report back to work. . I guess I'll go back. I have about two more weeks left. I am sort of ready to go back, just not quite ready.........there's going to be so many changes at work this year with IDEA changes. I'll do my best to roll with the punches.

Coy got up early o go buy the Harry Potter book. By the way, his glasses are sort of Harry Potter style. Grace can hardly wait until he finishes the book. JoGail and I have found a game to play together--Mad Caps. She keeps wanting to lay it again and the rial period is over, so I have to try find it to buy. It was fun. It's like a souped up version of bejeweled, except you get them to be in a diagonal row.

It's very cloudy here today.

MawMaw got to go home yesterday evening. We should have test results back Tuesday. Monday she has to go back in to get more testing done. Thanks to Toot (my aunt) for always taking her to her appointments, etc.

Beki shouldg get to go home today sometime. During the surgery they were ale to blast some of the kidney stones.

Deanna-will Thursday work to go see Jess?


Deanna said...

I am getting ready to go back to work too. I am weaiting patiently for the all clear to move into the new rooms. I am sure my room will be lthe last--that is how my luck runs!! Jessica is only off on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will check with her and see which week is better for her. I got my Harry Potter book in the mail today. I am starting it tomorrow morning, so I can read all day. I will let you know what I think--I'm sure Coy, Grace, and I will have to have a discussion as soon as all 3 of us have finished it!!

Laurie said...

Coy has read most fo the day yesterday and again today. He has almost finished the book. Grace is glad about that!

Maybe a week from Tuesday or Wednesday we can go see Jess.

Next food nextwork sar finished up tonight. I want Rory to win-although I can barely pronounse her name!