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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fanily Fun

Well, Missy, Alex and the boys went to Six Flags with the girls and I. (Coy had to work to PAY for Six Flags). JG, John and I stayed most of the day while the others took a break in the afternoon. We rode pretty much any ride those two (under 48 inches) could ride. Then we all wen to Cheddar's for lunch (the spinach dip is AWESOME) and then we rested for awhile. Then we went back around 7:30 and saw Six Flags at night. Ben. John,JoGail and I watched the acrobat show Coobrila and winded up getting back at the hotel around 11:00. They (John (6) and JoGail (7)) didn't have a problem going to sleep last night.

Now we get back into the summer routine for a short while. The only things we have left on our summer 'agenda' are going to the Ft Worth Zoo (supposed to do the 25th) and trying to get up to see Leigh Ann and Trey.

Missy took pictures, so as soon as she gets a chance to get home, rest and send a few, I will post them.

Mom and Dad got back safely from their week in Colorado. That's a blessing!

Deanna do you still want to take me and the girls to go see Jess before I go back to work?

If you do let me know and we'll set a date!


Deanna said...

Well, YES!!! Jess would LOVE it--She won't admit it, but she is lonely for family and visitors. She is off on Tuesday and Wednesday (most of the time) We can decide on a day and make sure she will be off. Call me later and we can decide on a day.