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Monday, July 23, 2007

Well, we took some pictures of the family this morning for the football program. It's rare for me to be in the picture, and I so despise it. Coy and the girls look really good. I do too, just not as picture perfect as I would like.

The Bulldog painting behind us is awesome. It's unbelievable how like like it actually looks on the wall in the high school.

I'm headed back to the doctor this afternoon. More of the same old, except it seems to be in my lungs again. I'm taking breathing treatments like crazy right now. And with us going to the zoo on Wed (I'll be outside again all day), it just seems better to go ahead and get the meds.

JoGail and I wated Rory to win as the next foodnetwork star.....maybe next time!


beki said...

What a cute picture! WOW the girls are really growing.
Hope the DR can help and you can prepare and be proactive instead of reactive!

Deanna said...

This is a GREAT picture!! If Grace keeps growing, next year she will be standing in the back!!

Kim said...

This is a great picture of the four of you!