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Friday, July 06, 2007

Vacation Day 4- HOME

Well, we made it in last night (Thurs) around 3:30. Traveled 873 miles and had 18 hours adn 10 mins family qaulity time in the car. Overall, it was a great vacation. It fit us well.

The girls and I are headed to Lousiana to MawMaw's the first part of next week. Coy is headed back to work to get the budget finished and things ready for the next board meeting.

Friday--Best Buy called and they said they have fixed the computer. So we went to pick it up. Got home and still doesn't work. Guess Coy will be taking it back again tomorrow. Big TV is not focusing, either. (at least it started when HE was watching it, not me). So we're trying to figure that out,too. Always something.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know crap happens to other people too!

Deanna said...

What day did the TV go fuzzy? 1 of our DTV receivers stopped working. Probably a storm while we were gone. I am switching to DISH anyway---DTV made me MAD!!!! Horrible customer service!