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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vacation Day 2

We oured teh capital. Our tour guide was a lady from East Africa. Amazed both Coy and I how many foreigners (or foreigner looking) people were at the capital. Poured down rain the rest of the time in Austin, so we didn't get to do the UT thing. We went on to San Antonio and toured the Alamo-this time actually getting in this time. Did you know there's an unwritten rule that no building can cast a shadow on the Alamo? One of the very protective DAR ladies was telling Coy adn I about some hotel that thought they could just do whatever. Needless to say, they were run off and another hotel is building there. There was supposed to be a glass covering on the sidewalk showing actual things they dug up while excavating the Alamo. We never found that, though. We did find the actual bullet (I think it may be mullet) holes, though.

JG said her favorite part of yesterday was the Alamo. She said she learned about the bullets and cannon balls. Grace liked the Alamo too. I think it's finally sinking in that the TExans lost the Alamo battle. At one point she commented that the Alamo and Goliad just really hacked the Texans off. I told her that yep, that was basically it.

Ate supper at John's Big Red Barn in San Antonio. As usual, it was good.


Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

San Jacinto monument evens things out for the Texians!
But, we're losing ground today!!
Don't forget Bluebell at Brennam--yeah,yeah, I know it's in A&M's backyard!
Cotton's bar-b-q at Robstown-only takes cash!
Good shrimp place at the beach at Riveria-down toward Kingsville.
Good King's Ranch musuem at Kingsville.
Pop the Tourguide!