Lauries Kitchen

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dental Shock

Well, we went to the dentist this moring for our usual 6 month cleaning for the girls. Here are the results:

Grace needs braces

JoGail has five new cavities AND if she doesn't quit sucking her thumb soon she will the owner of an expensive appliance that she will wear every night to force her to quit.

So, we are in dental shock today. Needless to say they will both be added to the dental inusrance when school starts. Good news, they are brushing well-Grace just doesn't have enough room for all her teeth to come in. JG's cavities are between her teeth and four are the size of pin heads. But they were addament that she not floss....go figure.......something about her having all her baby teeth still.

Big tv is still not fixed. They took it to the shop Friday but when I called this morning they still hadn't gotten to it. I'm tired os sitting on my bed to watch tv!

Big day at Six Flags tomo rrow...............should be interesting. I don't think I wil take my camera, maybe Miss will. I don't want to have to worry about it.